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The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy

Commercial imaging satellites, satellite navigation devices, mobile phones, web mapping services (WMS), geographic information systems (GIS), location based services (LBS), radio frequency identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) - geospatial and location data is being collected, analyzed, visualized, used and distributed around the clock and around the world and is increasingly critical for numerous commercial, governmental and consumer purposes . Moreover, this technology is necessary for the development of smart grids, smart cities and intelligent transportation systems.

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 However, laws and policies with respect to this technology on issues such as privacy, data quality, intellectual property rights and national security are undefined, inconsistent and/or unclear.  As a result, while the technology and “business case” now exists for a “location-enabled society, the lack of a legal and policy framework could prevent the technology from reaching its full potential.

The mission of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy is to educate lawyers, businesses, government agencies, policymakers and regulators on the unique legal and policy issues associated with geospatial technology and the associated data. This will help businesses and governments understand how laws and policies may impact their current and future operations, support the development of consistent and transparent legal and policy frameworks at the national level as well as facilitate the collection, analysis and distribution of geospatial data to address critical transnational issues such as climate change, food shortages, and pandemics.

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Ten Spatial Law and Policy Links From Around the World
Links To Spatial Law and Policy Stories From Around the World

The U.S. Government Accounting office is examining the risks to consumers’ privacy by location-based services, and in particular how those risks apply to the future of the "connected car." The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy’s executive director, Kevin Pomfret, explains how regulators intend to broadly apply existing privacy guidelines to the collection, use, storage and distribution of geolocated data.

Kevin Pomfret, the Executive Director of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy was appointed to the National Geospatial Advisory Committee.

January 7, 2014

November 13, 2013

Executive Director, Kevin Pomfret, quoted in Trajectory Magazine (Jim Hodges, Summer 2012)

Exclusive interview with Executive Director, Kevin Pomfret (Summer 2012)

Executive Director, Kevin Pomfret, discusses the viability of commercial imagery in the face of proposed U.S. defense budget cuts. (February 2012)

Executive Director Kevin Pomfret published in Geospatial World (August, 2011)

Executive Director Kevin Pomfret interviewed for got geoint podcast on Geoint legal and policy trends

Executive Director Kevin Pomfret discusses legal and policy issues associated with Geospatial Technology in Earth Imaging Journal (November 2010)

- Executive Director Kevin Pomfret published in GIS Development on data sharing and responsibilities of data ownership.

Executive Director Kevin Pomfret is interviewed on The World

White paper prepared for 2010 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium

Executive Director Kevin Pomfret is published in Space News on the geospatial community's work in supporting the relief efforts in Haiti and the proposed policy implications.

White paper by the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy on the need for a consistent and transparent legal and policy framework for spatial data.


spatial law
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